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Steel Pipe Distributors

Tally Wizard was built for tubular distribution and steel tube supply chain

Arecon Data has extensive knowledge of tubulars and the Oil & Gas industry, removing the need to educate us on pipe distribution challenges.

  • Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Quotes integrated with Inventory offers a simple way to connect your salespeople to finance and inventory management.
  • Automated alerts manage workflow and create a paperless environment.
  • Easily track ordered assets off of the general ledger until delivered.
  • Your company will easily be able to keep track of where your purchase order items are and sales order progression without the need for complicated spreadsheets.
  • Easily convert quotes into sales orders then track the status of deliverables over time.
  • Detailed transaction history of all activities.
  • Built in Permissions and Security provides separation between administrators, asset managers, sales force, and accounting.
  • Tally Wizard is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, providing both visibility and security for your company’s information.


  • Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Track outstanding items on sales order and PO’s
  • Convert quotes to sales orders
  • Track PO investment partner shares
  • Tubular Supply Chain Tracking
  • Releases
  • Reporting by pipe type, location, date filters
  • Detailed transaction history of all activity
  • Deploy in multiple locations with no additional network costs
  • Include MTR’s in Sales Orders and PO’s
  • Attach MTR’s to pipe strings
  • Built in workflow system
  • Simple to use checkpoint and alert system
  • Multiple security layers



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