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Tally Wizard software is able to track, store, and search the current status of all types of inventory items and is the best in the world at tracking tubulars. With Arecon Data’s in depth knowledge of how drilling operations work makes Tally Wizard a clear alternative to spreadsheets or custom retrofit software.

With detailed histories of maintenance, repairs and inspection, Tally Wizard will allow your company to maximize the usage of drill strings while bringing more value to your operations.

With our built in document collaboration system integrated into inventory and maintenance management,, the days of documents burying a users laptop are over, easily reducing the cost and operational delays of employee turn over and rotations.


  • Track complete assemblies including maintenance, use, and locations
  • Cradle to grave inspection history
  • Usage analysis
  • Track for internal use, sales, or rental

Tally Wizard Software is the most comprehensive application available to the drilling industry for tracking drill pipe.


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