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Track Material Transfers with Transaction History and Cost

Track the location and transaction  history of casing, tubing and drill pipe to wells.

Track inventory in multiple vendor locations including inspection and storage. Reconcile end of month quickly and send to finance.

Use in the yard and access from corporate office to maximize assets, production and increase operation efficiency.

Tally onto the truck with pin on and pin off measurements reducing the cost of tallying pipe on the rig.

Provide real time visibility to field operations with read only access to identify available tubulars and equipment by location, condition and specifications.

Attach MTR’s, Inspection reports and necessary documents to Drill String History for regulatory compliance.


  • Cost Tracking by date and Well/ AFE
  • Manage unlimited locations
  • Move pipe and equipment in seconds keeping inventory accurate
  • Reconcile with vendors and track history
  • Print BOL and load slips on the fly
  • Provide accurate material transfer reports by date range with AFE and part #
  • Permissions allow access to view inventory without changing it
  • Track Purchase Orders delivery status against current inventory
  • Track the purchasing and maintenance supply chain
  • Not tracked on the general ledger
  • Integrates with accounting systems
  • Built in email and automated alerts for key events
  • Tracks pipe and equipment orders off of the general ledger until you take delivery


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