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Tally Wizard was built for tracking inbound and outbound pipe for trucking,

while maintaining inventory in storage and logistics yards.

With a simple to use interface our customers perform load in, storage, inspection, repairs, and load out all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Easy to understand and use is a key feature of Tally Wizard Software.

Our program does the hard work allowing users to focus on day to day operations while maintaining the data integrity and generate a full history of all activities.

Bring your pipe operations into the 21st century with a paperless environment, reduce errors and achieve a level of accountability and traceability not available in any other software.
  • Manage Trucks, Rail Cars or Ships
  • Track in lots, bulk, bundles, and tallied joints
  • Metric or U.S. standard
  • Track groups of pipe as a total, joint count, average length, and tally
  • Convert averaged joints into a tally and back
  • Assign ownership to your customers to generate reports
  • Standardized reports build specifically for industry tubular owners
  • Import tallies from comma separated files, measuring devices, or tubular standard file formats
  • Export tally reports to csv, excel, pdf, or directly email to your customers
  • Permissions allow yard personnel to perform their duties while sales and service perform their functions.
  • Supports multiple facilities with no special network hardware or network personnel needed


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