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Bulk and Tally Pipe

Bulk or Tallied, the great pipe dilemma.

Tally Wizard does both.

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The challenge in managing the tubular supply chain is tracking in bulk joint count and footage and tallied joints to fill the order.

Pipe is received from the Bill of Lading by joint count and total footage.

It is managed through the process of  threading, coating,  inspection and storage until it is needed for production.

Often times the joint length is altered in this process and tallying each joint of pipe is required to maintain the inventory available for use, invoicing and reconciliation.

Prior to shipment the pipe must be tallied/measured per joint to achieve to total footage needed for the order.

The Solution is to provide both,  solving the problem for Distribution, Service Companies and Production.

Tally Wizard allows entering the  pipe tally with a keyboard or touch screen and  integrates with many pipe tally devices, saving time, reducing employee requirements and providing fast and accurate tallies.

Prompt tally reports are critical- allowing you or your customer to invoice immediately.Measuring Pipe

Pipe Tally reports include:

  • Pin on and Pin off calculations
  • Email, print or export  tally report
  • Individual pipe joint measurements (numbered)
  • Serial numbers
  • Load Weight
  • Total joints and footage
  • Shipping information
  • AFE, PO and Release
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Grade
  • Condition
  • Tally report formats differ based on OCTG, Line Pipe and Drill Pipe requirements


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