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With cloud based document collaboration built in, your company can easily keep track of critical documents that are needed for tubulars, locations, drill pipe and pipe lines.

Critical safety and regulatory documentation is automatically categorized for your users. All documentation is stored on the cloud and directly associated with your pipe line, well, rig, equipment, tools. When items move location there is no possibility of the required documents not making it to a new rig or user.

This feature brings functionality to everyone without a large investment in IT infrastructure and custom development.

  •  Cloud based document collaboration
  • Scan then attach documents to any item
  • Attach emails directly to inventory items
  • Drag and Drop from Outlook

With the capability to organize and collaborate on documents this way your company can keep all records through the life of the asset.

At the end of life of any asset the entire history or specific documentation can be easily transferred to the new owner.


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